Design & Engineering

Creating new class leading products

Ensuring existing products meet stringent quality requirements including updates as needed. New designs are developed from concepts and produced in partnership with suppliers across the world. In parallel the team ensures existing products are kept up to date as regulatory and customer requirements evolve. This is dynamic and creative department where the team are challenged technically and creatively meaning each day required collaboration but ensures it is a rewarding environment.

The Engineering team at DLP is multi-disciplinary which enables us to cover a broad range of disciplines including Mechanical Design Engineering , Electrics & Electronic Engineering, Testing, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Approvals & Intellectual Property Management, and liaising with our global supplier network.


Using this wide range of skills the team support the sale of products into the UK, Europe and USA by undertaking the following;

  • Developing new and innovative products for the assisted living and care markets. This starts with concepts and prototypes being produced by the Industrial and Engineering Design team members, often using one of our 3D printers, to prove the proposed design. Once this initial design work is complete we will then engage with either the production team at DLP or our supply partners to turn prototypes into finished products.
  • Working with suppliers to support and enhance their new product offerings. Some of our suppliers are large multi-national organisations with their own R&D teams. However in many cases new products which come to market through this route are not aimed at the care sector and in these cases we will work with the supplier to refine their versions of the products to better suit our customer base.
  • Providing technical advice to support Sales and, where opportunities have been identified, updating and improving existing products to keep the AKW product offering up to date. This also extends to creating fitting and user instructions for all new products and maintaining those for existing products.
  • Ensuring that all products meet all of the various national and European product safety standards. This has always been an important role undertaken by the team but has had increased focus recently with Brexit complicating the approvals landscape and the AKW Group having an increased presence in the USA.
  • Protecting our investment in new product development by applying for Patents, Registered Design Rights and Trademarks wherever it is appropriate. The team is also responsible for leading action against third parties on any occasions where we believe our intellectual property rights have been infringed.
  • Working closely with suppliers and the Quality team at AKW to ensure that all products received meet our stringent quality standards. If an opportunity to improve quality is identified, the team will update drawings and other documentation to capture any new information or processes which will lead to the required improvement.

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