DLP fund Disability Networks leaflet


We have collaborated with local charity Disability Networks to produce a leaflet with contact telephone numbers of useful services provided on the Isle of Man for those less able.

Disability Networks have an excellent website, www.disabilitynetworks.info with lots of information to be found there. However Disability Networks are aware that a number of individuals may not have the skills and equipment to access the website.

The leaflet, listing essential starting points for information on support and services, will prove invaluable to these individuals. This leaflet cannot give so much information as the website but lists the most important starting points and will help to address this need.

Those with disabilities are the hardest segment of our society to reach with information. The aim is to place the leaflets designed by Moving Clouds Media, in areas that are visited by likely users. Should any organisations wish to stock these please contact Disability Networks via the contacts below to receive supplies.

Tim Baker, our Senior Executive Director said “We are delighted to support Disability Networks’ efforts to ensure that support is easily accessible for those less able. It is vital that people on the Island understand the services and products that are available to them and know how to access them – and the work of Disability Networks is significantly improving this situation.”

Disability Networks and DLP look forward to continuing to support those less able in the community.

Disability Networks
email: disabilitynetworks@manx.net

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